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DanFish 2017 Aalborg, Danmark 11. - 13. oktober 2017

Nelton is happy to announce that is going to join next fair soon. This time our target is Scandinavian DanFish held on 11 – 13 October in Aalborg, Denmark. This international fisheries exhibition is targeted both at fisheries large and small providers, and focuses on equipment for fisherman’s, primarily their boats and ships. For Nelton it’s a great chance to present its newest products, talk about actual projects and create and take advantage of the opportunity to make new business connections on full of challenge’s Danish market. See you soon in Aalborg at DanFish Exhibition! read full article


NELTON at Baltexpo 2017

Nelton  is happy to announce that it will be one of exhibitors at International Maritime Exhibition BALTEXPO 2017 held on 11-13 September 2017 in Gdansk, Poland (stand 2.12). The Exhibition of Maritime Services, Technology and Solutions covers many areas, i.e. offshore, shipbuilding, marine logistics and transport, port and terminal facilities, security and safety of shores, ports and shipping, or eventually, environmental protection. Nelton will take the full advantage of the Exhibition by not only presenting its achievements and possibilities at the stand, but also by taking part in conferences covering diversified aspects of maritime industry.    Please, consider visiting us at BALTEXPO 2017. It will be a great pleasure... read full article


New project! Next zero emission ferry for Nelton.

Nelton is proud to inform, that it has signed a contract with Fjellstrand shipyard for designing a fully electric, battery powered ferry of the ZeroCat type. The ferry will operate the route between Halhjem and Våge in Hordaland Norway. The distance between is approximately 12 kilometers The vessel is a bigger and further developed version of the “Ampere” – also designed by Nelton, which in 2015 made history being the world’s first car ferry to be driven only by batteries. The new vessel will be equipped for both higher speed and longer range. In addition to the battery systems, bio-diesel generators will be installed as back up when charging is not available. “Ampere” has been in operation for two... read full article


What makes us unique


This term is synonymous with “natural excellence.” It is both universally and absolute recognizable, a mark of uncompromising standards and high achievement. Nevertheless, proponents of this view claim that quality cannot be defined precisely. Rather, it is a simple unanalyzable value that we learn to recognize only through experience. Nelton through professionalism, reliability and continuous development successfully realizes strategy to be associated with these notions.


For 18 years of Nelton’s existence, the company has been constantly focused on designing ships and floating objects in close contact with its clients. As a result, many successful projects have been handled by dozens of Nelton’s competent engineers.

The company has also been putting a great emphasis on developing skills and qualifications of its fresh graduate employees, which from a time perspective results in creating a strong team of effective senior engineers.


Proper attitude toward our clients, especially careful listening to their needs leads us to creating proper solutions which helps to achieve common goals. Through elastic responding to technology ‘s development and continuous changes of market’s demands we try to provide the best engineering assistance.