About us

Established by graduates of Technical Universities in Poland, Nelton has experienced steady growth as a result of strong support for shipyards and true focus on professional designing of ships and floating objects.


Nelton is a company that continues the efforts and endeavours of of GSM Design Group - it has been dedicated to shipbuilding and offshore designing since 1999. From the very first days of existence the company has been striving to build its reputation primarily as a professional modern engineering group.

In course of time GSM-DG has increased its efficiency as well as expanded its offerings, constantly paying attention to evolving market trends. Together with the development of the company, its professional and sizeable team of 71 engineers has been broadening its mind by executing more and more demanding projects. Every brave decision that was made contributed to company’s growth. Thus, the flexibility of engineers, model organization of work, complete commitment as well as a partnership between workers of the group have become factors that laid the foundations for the company’s future development.

Therefore, current reorganization and renaming process is a step towards becoming a worldwide leader in engineering. This change is seen as a great opportunity and a challenge that Nelton is willing to undertake.

Our team seeks the most challenging tasks


Nelton’s team combines experience and knowledge of highly qualified professionals, who treat designing as a passion and opportunity to meet the most exacting requirements of their partners. Well-balanced group of senior as well as junior engineers contributes to company’s stability and development. However, it is Nelton’s experience that is worth the most- fifteen years in the maritime industry, originally as GSM Design Group, has taught us many priceless lessons.


Nelton, basing on highly qualified engineers and managers, as well as on their development and many years of experience in the maritime industry, provides its Customers with flexibility and individual approach to every single project with a view to developing mutually beneficial relationships in an optimal way.


Nelton LTD aims to become a global market leader in modern shipbuilding and offshore engineering. Growing step by step, Nelton wants to exceed its client's expectations in terms of quality, innovation and reliability. By cooperation with top customers and employees, the company will continuously strive to be successful in a safe environment.

Designing ships since 1999
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