Challenging creative initial ship design

Challenging creative initial design thought

At Nelton Design our Naval Architects combine their experience for the ultimate goal – unique workflow which allows to speed up the initial design process without jeopardizing the accuracy. As a result and to meet clients demanding criteria Rapid Hull Modeling Technique has been implemented along with parametric modelling based on Grasshopper programming language. Furthermore, generation of preliminary hull lines may be aided by evolutionary optimization schemes using principles of natural genetics to guide and search for global optima of functions describing hull. Where one vessel out of population is chosen in regard to given parameters.

Integrated design suite & NDM

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Keeping the eye on stability via MaxSurf Enterprise grants exquisite output in reasonable time period and most importantly one of the highest quality available on market nowadays. In combination with strong engineering focus on details the final result offers features nothing less than outstanding. Furthermore, strengthened through years Nelton Stability Booklet meet both; the IACS standards and user friendly outline.

Further more, Integrated Naval Architecture Software gives an upper hand in terms of i.a. preliminary bare hull resistance & seakeeping. Providing reliable quick answers of necessary propulsion system characteristics and vessel response at moderate and rough seas. The repetitive process which ship design undoubtedly is, can only benefits of what we use to call NDM –Nelton Design Methodology. NDM consider the vessel as unity of structure, major ships systems and personnel onboard altogether where the correlations and interactions are analyzed. The collective off received data in combination with client experiences results in ideal optimization starting point.
Challenging creative initial ship design Challenging creative initial ship design CFD calculation result CFD calculation result

Optimization & Design outcome

Development of any kind of Vessel is always a repetitive process and can take a really long way. Thanks to Rapid Hull Modelling Technique, NDM accompanied by CFD analysis backed up with strong engineering experience and close client cooperation can significantly shorten the distance. Our idea of optimization is based on in depth investigation of performed simulations. Only taken that knowledge back to iteration spiral can empower NDM for the next loop with respect to compliance the Class & Flag regulations along with contracted parameters.

As an outcome of Initial design, entire 3D model along with visualizations shall be expected. Multiple reports on preliminary stability, resistance & seakeeping, ICLL and tonnage lies within package. Thus typical scope contains series of preliminary drawings like: General arrangement, Lines plan, Tank plan, Damage control plan, Field of vision, Mooring arrangement and more. Quality of which represents topmost market standards.
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