Two patrol vessel prepared for launching

Inspection vessels delivered!

We are pleased to announce that both vessels for the Chief Sea Fisheries Inspectorate have been commissioned and ready to contribute to further strengthening of marine fisheries protection system by increasing inspection abilities in Baltic Sea waters.

Timetable & Initial design

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Design work officially started on April 1st, 2021 - immediately after contract signing between the general contractor, Euro - Industry and the ordering party - GIRM. First and main determinant of the deadline was an obligation to develop and approve complete set of technical documentation within 4 months. Ambitious plan, especially taking into account the fact that technical design had to be preceded by concept development and preliminary design.

Preliminary design included such architectural layout of the ship to meet all requirements of contracting authority while maintaining feasibility and meeting regulations. The biggest challenge during the initial project was to cram extensive accommodation - significant for this caliber of vessel, while maintaining regulatory guidelines, ergonomic communication and most importantly, keeping engine room space in a size sufficient to fit required set of tanks and equipment. All topped with one compartment unsinkability.
Ergonomic wheelhouse General arrangemnt 3D model of designed ship Information board of the constructed ship

Hull development

Simultaneously with preliminary design works, hull shape was being developed. Our primary goal was to design it in such a way to obtain required hydrostatic characteristics with appropriate safety margins. In ship engineering from the scratch, design reserve for the "unpredictable" is crucial. It allows you to effectively deal with upcomming problems when they occur which provide our engineers with a better night's sleep. The next step was to optimize developed shape of the hull for given contract speed. In the last phase, wanting to make sure that the resistance estimations made at early stage were correct - CFD resistance analysis was performed.


Stay tuned - next blog post will contain information about the process of developing class documentation (structural, systems, arrangements, electrics) and subsequent activities.

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