NELTON's impressions after Nor-Fishing 2016

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Four exciting days at Nor-Fishing 2016 fair (16-19.08) turned out to be unusually appealing. Major increase in the number of visitors proved that the fishing industry has great perspectives.

The exhibition appeared to very interesting for fishermen. Compared to the last Nor-Fishing 2014, the number of guests increased by more than 22%, which proved that the fair gave a lot of opportunities to its participants.

Nelton was positively surprised with openness of visitors and professionalism of organizers. Our team had possibilities to have many interesting and inspiring conversations, meet passionate people and present innovative designs of vessels. Thus, the four days were filled with uplifting chats and great atmosphere. 

Nelton would like to thank every single person who paid even a little attention to the company’s offer and stand. Your interest was of a great importance for us. Let’s meet at Nor-Fishing 2018 :)

P.S. More details about the Nor-Fishing exhibition are mentioned in the Polish article where you can also find something about Nelton.