Norwegian internship - NELTON internationally

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As a company operating on an international scale, Nelton is open to diversified nationalities and cultures. This is why, as soon as we received an internship application from Patrick – a student from Trondheim, Norway – we decided to accept it and help him gain practical knowledge in the field of marine engineering.

Patrick studies Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture at NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. He specializes in marine system design (project engineering) and this June he successfully finished third year. The internship started at the beginning of July and lasted one month.

Check out what Patrick’s impressions about internship at Nelton are.

“As a Norwegian, I wanted to see how a ship engineering company operates outside Norway. The fact that I also have a Polish mother have triggered me to look for a company that operates between Norway and Poland. Thus, as soon as I have familiarized with Nelton’s projects and involvement with the Norwegian market, I came to the conclusion that the company would be a perfect match for me. Previously, I visited a few companies like Nelton in Norway but I did not know what to expect of a Polish design office. Now that I have spent 6 weeks in the company, I must say  that I’m very satisfied. From the first day, I experienced that Nelton is a very professional company with great ideas and focuses. The past weeks have been very interesting to me and I have learned things that I never could have learned from just going to school.
Unlike most summer internships, the time here in Nelton has not been spent on going through files and preparing documentation. At Nelton, I’ve worked on relevant material with one focus: I should learn as much as possible. My best experience in Nelton was connected with the people working there. They were forthcoming and always positive to talk on both technical and general topics. From the moment I landed in Poland they were very helpful and tried very hard to make my stay here as good as possible. Now I am going back to the studies in Trondheim, Norway. Based on my good experience, I would gladly come back Nelton in the future.”

With such positive feedback, Nelton is more than happy that our engineers could help Patrick gain practical experience and possibly understand complex nature of project engineering a little bit more.