Nelton secured a new contract for the Designs of Inspection Vessel.

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As a result of the contract signed between the “Glowny Inspektorat Rybolowstwa Morskiego" ( Main Sea Fisheries Inspectorate ) in Słupsk and the contractor, Euro-Industry Sp. z .o.o. (Ustka shipyard) for the delivery of two inspection and control vessels, Nelton received an order for the development design documentation.

The Vessel will be used for control and patrol operations, surveillance services, escorting fishing vessels to the nearest port and conducting search and supporting rescue operations.

The project will contribute to strengthening the sea fisheries protection system and increasing the inspection and control capacity in the waters of the Baltic Sea in the port areas: Kołobrzeg, Ustka and Darłowo.

A single-hull 25,7 m long and 6,15m width, steel vessel with an aluminum superstructure will reach a speed of at least 12 knots, ensuring social and living conditions for a 7-person crew and 4 inspectors.

The first unit - Controller-31 for the mother post in Ustka will be handed over to the shipowner in the third quarter of 2022, while the second unit - Controller-35 for the port in Kołobrzeg, with the deadline for delivery at the end of 2022.