Modular Ship, hybrid powered – The NEW PROJECT with revolutionary INNOVATION.

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Nelton has signed a contract with its regular and trusted business partner from Switzerland again. This time the cooperation will be based on design works of eco passenger catamaran, which is intended to operate on the inland waters of Lake Lucerne.

Nelton’s engineers will be responsible for preparing technical documentation of the vessel, which will be 40m long and 10m wide. The ship will have two decks and will be adjusted to the transport of 300 people. Interestingly, the catamaran will powered by a hybrid system.

The project brings a lot of challenges for Nelton’s engineers. Namely, the vessel needs to be designed in such a way to enable its assembly and dismantling anywhere in the world. The whole construction is supposed to be divided into elements that should fit into 45ft container, and that will be screw-connected (non-welded). Therefore, the structure will differ significantly from typical construction solutions that are common in the industry.

We are excited to face the challenges and see the catamaran live on Lake Lucerne.