NELTON goes with the next environmental friendly project.

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Continuing the long-term cooperation with the Fjellstrand Shipyard in the field of development of green technology in the maritime industry, Nelton has been invited to work on the next innovative project fully electrical fast ferry. 

The TrAM project (Transport – Advanced and Modular) is a challenge for designers due to its application new modular production methods and implemented zero emission batteries propulsion. The design is revolutionary in terms of zero-emission technology as well as production methods. Application of modules and equipping a high-speed vessel with electric drive will contribute to increasing competitiveness both in terms of lowering production costs and environment protection. The world’s first fully electric and zero emission fast ferry will be classed in accordance with the International Code of Safety for High-Speed Crafts (HSC Code), the vessel will be equipped with two electric motors and a 1.5MWh capacity battery with charging power of more than 2MW. 

The catamaran vessel named Medstraum will be 31 metres and nine-metre beam with the speed of 23 knots and  the possibility of transporting of 147 passengers, the all-batteries fast ferry will  go to the public transport in 2022 and will support the route from the city of Stavanger to Byøyene and Hommersåk in a test period. 

The innovative undertaking receives economical support from EU’s Horizon 2020 program to develop new methods for design and production of zero emissions passenger vessels. More info please find at